guten tag

My sister finally left yesterday for Franfkurt.  I say finally because it was excruciating to say good-bye towards the end and I am personally glad that I got through the “good-byes”.  She was originally scheduled to leave on Saturday but her flight was canceled and rescheduled for Sunday.  (This fact made it all the more excruciating;  we had to say “good-bye” twice!)  She got to Franfkurt alright and is now en route to Munich, her final destination, with her fiance. 

She did call to say that she was drinking beer and eating pork knuckles-a sign that she is on her way to becoming a native.  I am happy that she is finally with her fiance and about to embark on a wonderful journey, hansel and gretel style sans the evil characters.  Just hoping for a lot of candied pork knuckles and sweet beer along the way!  Prost!